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Prof. Dr. Bartolomaeus

mittwochs 10-12 Uhr

nach vorheriger Anmeldung im Sekretariat



Prof. Bartolomaeus wird der Lehrpreis der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät am 5. Dezember 2018 verliehen.

Sie sind hier: Startseite Mitarbeiter Ingolf Rick

Ingolf Rick

ingolf.jpg   Dr. rer. nat. Ingolf Rick

Program Coordinator M.Sc. OEP-Biology 

Staff member (Post-Doc)
Phone:    +49 228 73 57 49
Fax:        +49 228 73 23 21

Information about OEP-Biology (Master of Science)



Research interests:

Visual communication in fish  

  • receiver physiology and colour signals in intraspecific communication 
  • the adaptive value of long-term and short-term changes in the expression of visual signals (including UV)

Mechanisms underlying mate choice in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

  • identification of sensory mechanisms involved in sexual selection
  • behavioural syndromes, cognitive abilities and mating preferences

Behavioural lateralization in sticklebacks

  • genetic and environmental influences on lateralization
  • lateralization of cognitive processes

Solar ultraviolet radiation as an environmental stressor in aquatic habitats

  • direct effects of an increased UV exposure on physiological and immunological functions 
  • direct/indirect effects of enhanced UV levels on behaviour and life history


  • Rystrom, T. L., Clement, V. F., Rick, I. P., Bakker, T. C. M. & Mehlis, M. (2018). Shoal sex composition and predation risk influence sub-adult threespine stickleback shoaling decisions. Behav. Processes (published online, DOI 10.1016/j.beproc.2018.06.009).
  • Rahn, A. K., Vitt, S., Drolshagen, L., Scharsack, J. P., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2017). Parasitic infection of the eye lens affects shoaling preferences in three-spined stickleback. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 123:377-387.
  • Vitt, S., Zierul, J. E., Bakker T. C. M. & Rick, I. P. (2017). Long-term UVB exposure promotes predator-inspection behaviour in a fish. Biol. Lett. 13:20170497.
pdf upon request

pdf upon request

pdf upon request
  • Vitt, S., Rahn, A. K., Drolshagen, L., Bakker, T. C. M., Scharsack J. P. & Rick, I. P. (2017). Enhanced ambient UVB light affects growth, body condition and the investment in innate and adaptive immunity in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Aquat. Ecol. (published online, DOI 10.1007/s10452-017-9632-5).
pdf upon request
  • Hiermes, M., Rick, I. P., Mehlis, M. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2016). The dynamics of color signals in male threespine sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus. Curr. Zool. 62:23-31.
open access
  • Hiermes, M., Bakker, T. C. M., Mehlis, M. & Rick, I. P. (2015). Context-dependent dynamic UV signaling in female threespine sticklebacks. Sci. Rep. 5:17474.
open access
  • Mehlis, M., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2015). Dynamic resource allocation between pre- and postcopulatory episodes of sexual selection determines competitive fertilization success. Proc. R. Soc. B 282:20151279.
pdf upon request
  • Hiermes, M., Vitt, S., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2015). Shoal choice and UV reflections in stickleback populations from different photic habitats. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 116:761-772.
pdf upon request
  • Hiermes, M., Mehlis, M., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2015). Habitat-dependent olfactory discrimination in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Anim. Cogn. 18:839-846.
pdf upon request
  • Schluessel, V., Rick, I. P., Plischke, K. (2014). No rainbow for grey bamboo sharks: evidence for the absence of colour vision in sharks from behavioural discrimination experiments. J. Comp. Physiol. A. 200:939-947.
  • Rick, I. P., Mehlis, M., Eßer, E. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2014). The influence of ambient ultraviolet light on sperm quality and sexual ornamentation in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Oecologia 174:393-402.
  • Pfaender, J., Gray, S. M., Rick, I. P., Chapuis, S., Hadiaty, R. K. & Herder, F. (2013). Spectral data reveal unexpected cryptic colour polymorphism in female sailfin silverside fish from ancient Lake Matano. Hydrobiologia 739:155-161.
  • Modarressie, R., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2013). Ultraviolet reflection enhances the risk of predation in a vertebrate. Curr. Zool. 59:151-159.
open access
  • Meuthen, D., Rick, I.P., Thünken, T. & Baldauf S. A. (2012). Visual prey detection by near-infrared cues in a fish. Naturwissenschaften 99:1063-1066.
  • Rick, I. P., Bloemker, D. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2012). Spectral composition and visual foraging in the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteidae: Gasterosteus aculeatus L.): elucidating the role of ultraviolet wavelengths. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 105:359-368.
  • Rick, I. P. , Mehlis, M. & Bakker, T. C. M.(2011). Male red ornamentation is associated with female red sensitivity in sticklebacks. PLoS One 6:e25554.
open access
  • Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T.C.M. (2010). Ultraviolet light influences habitat preferences in a fish under predation risk. Evol. Ecol. 24:25-37.
  • Rick, I. P. & Bakker T. C. M. (2008). Color signaling in conspicuous red sticklebacks: do ultraviolet signals surpass others? BMC Evol. Biol. 2008, 8:189.
  • Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T.C.M. (2008). Males do not see only red: UV wavelengths and male territorial aggression in the three-spined stickleback. Naturwissenschaften 95:631-638.
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  • Modarressie, R., Rick, I. P. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2006). UV matters in shoaling decisions. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 273: 849-854.
  • Rick, I. P., Modarressie, R. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2006). UV-wavelengths affect female mate choice in three-spined sticklebacks. Anim. Behav. 71:307-313.
  • Rick, I. P., Modarressie, R. & Bakker, T. C. M. (2004). Male three-spined sticklebacks reflect in ultraviolet light. Behaviour 141:1531-1541.
PhD thesis:

  • Rick, I. P. (2008). Ultraviolet light and visual communication in the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.). PhD-thesis, University of Bonn, Germany.
Diploma thesis:

  • Rick, I. P. (2003). Haben ultraviolette Signale eine Funktion bei der Partnerwahl des Dreistachligen Stichlings (Gasterosteus aculeatus)? Diploma-thesis, University of Bonn, Germany.