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Zoology and Evolutionary Biology

Research projects in the Bartolomaeus group focus on invertebrate animals (Nemertea, Annelida, Mollusca, Arthropoda, Echinodermata, Lophophorata, etc.). In order to unravel their phylogeny and evolution a broad set of morphological studies (by electron microscopy, histology, confocal laser scanning microscopy, NMR, X-Ray Computertomography), anatomical 3D-reconstructions, and molecular sequence analyses are applied.

Core areas of our current research consider:

  • Comparative histology and ultrastructure of animals (T. Bartolomaeus)
  • Evolution and development of body cavities and nephridia in annelids and arthropods (B. Quast)
  • Morphogenesis and developmental genetics of eyes and extracellular hard structures (H. Hausen)
  • Morphology and systematics of sea urchins and cephalopods (A. Ziegler)
  • Reproductive biology and development of ribbon worms (J. von Döhren)
  • Evolutionary phenomics of soil arthropods (M. Koch)
  • Neuroanatomy & neurophylogeny (P. Beckers)
  • Comparative genomics and animal evolution (L. Podsiadlowski)
  • Population analysis via microsatellites (J. Brün)
  • Ontologies for animal morphology and RDF codings (L. Vogt, M. Koch)
  • Database project MorphDBase (P. Grobe)


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