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summer term:  Master Module OEP-Free-3A -

Behavioural Ecology of hole-breeding passerines birds


Prof. Dr. T. Lubjuhn and Dr. J. Brün

The aim of this course is to develop theoretical, organizational and practical skills to transfer proximate and ultimate questions in the field of Behavioural Ecology into scientific hypotheses, to test these hypotheses in practical field experiments, to analyse the results and to give answers to the initial questions. You will learn how to use hole-breeding passerine birds as a model organism for behavioural ecological studies, their handling, the difficulties and the advantages of working with free-living organisms. Further on you will learn about the difficulties of practically experimental design, the statistical analyses of the results, and the formulation of answers in form of a written protocol. Last but not least the experience of a self managed field camp will give a basic training in capacity for teamwork and social skills

The fieldwork of the course will take place for 3 weeks, from the beginning of May, in a tent camp in a mixed woodland area near Wolfsburg / Lower Saxony. After some days of general introduction and training into avian field work banding and handling of small passerines we will try to transform some ultimate behavioural questions into practical experimental designs. These experiments will be conducted in groups of two for 2 to 4 days. After a one day break we will change the teams so each participant has the chance to gain experience in both major fields of bird observation and manipulation.
At the last week the course will take place in the in the institute. The results of the experimental treatments are statistically analysed and presented in a written protocol in form of a thesis (rationale, methods, results, and conclusion) and short presentations of the results are given to the comrade students.
by arrangement:  Blockübung - Laborblock - "Ausgewählte Methoden der Verhaltensökologie"
Prof. Dr. T. Bakker or Prof. Dr. T. Lubjuhn and Dr. J. Brün

Concluding unit:  consolidation of your knowledge in behavioural ecology and lab training on an actual topic of wildlife research

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