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Research groups

 Prof. Dr. T. Bartolomaeus 

Comparative ultrastructure and development of body cavities and nephridia in Metazoa. Phylogeny of the Bilateria. Ultrastructure of Nemertea. Ultrastructure of larval protonephridia in Annelida. Morphogenesis of annelid chaetae and studies on the phylogeny of Annelida.


Prof. Dr. T. C. M. Bakker (retired)

Evolutionary ecology: lab and field studies on natural and sexual selection in  three-spined sticklebacks and stream-dwelling cichlids


Prof. em. Dr. K. P. Sauer

Causal and historic evolutionary biology, phylogeny, behavioural and evolutionary ecology of Panorpidae (Insecta)


PD. Dr. L. Podsiadlowski

Comparative genomics and animal evolution


Dr. J. Brün

Reproductive success, kinship and kin selection in the wild boar Sus scrofa


Dr. J. von Döhren

Reproductive biology and phylogeny of Nemertea


Dr. T. Thünken

Evolutionary behavioural ecology


Dr. A. Ziegler

3-D Imaging techniques in animal morphology

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