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Sabrina Kuhl

PhD student

Sabrina Kuhl 

Research focus

I finished my master’s thesis at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Beckers in the research group of Prof. Dr. Bartolomaeus in May 2018. During my master’s thesis, I examined the neuronal connections of head appendages (antennae, palps) and eyes with the brain in different specimens of Eunicida by applying comparative morphological approaches. Being fascinated by the morphological diversity of Polychaeta, I decided to continue my work with these stunning animals.



My Ph.D. thesis I started in July 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Jörn von Döhren and Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartolomaeus. The thesis deals with the developmental dynamics of larval ciliary bands, predominantly the prototroch, in the model organism Platynereis dumerilii (Polychaeta) and other polychaete taxa. The prototroch is the first larval organ developing in annelids and molluscs, it has a primary locomotory function, and it plays a key role in the discussion on phylogenetic relationships. The development of the prototroch is known for a very few species only and its fate is still unknown. The cells constituting the prototroch are called trochoblasts and although the trochoblast cell-lineage is exceptionally stereotypic, it results in highly variable taxon-specific numbers of ciliated cells. These differences in the prototroch composition we want to investigate with regard to the animal’s lifestyle and phylogeny. Additionally, the origin and the cellular composition of the metatroch will be investigated. In a first step, classical morphological examinations will be applied (light and electron microscopy; fluorescent labeling of prototroch cells and tracking of their subsequent development; immunohistochemistry and cLSM).



  • cLSM and immunohistochemistry (vibratome sections and whole-mounts)
  • transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
  • classical paraffin histology (serial sections stained with Azan; silver impregnation)
  • serial semi-thin sections
  • 3D-reconstructions
  • DNA-extractions, PCR, gel electrophoresis





BP02 Morphologie und Evolution der Tiere

BP15 Zoologische Bestimmungsübungen


Döhren, J. von & Kuhl, S. (2020) A simple method for long-term vital-staining of cilicated epidermal cells in aquatic larvae.J Biol Methods 2020;7(2):e132.DOI: 10.1440/jbm.2020.320

Master's thesis

Kuhl, S. (2018). Comparative neuroanatomy of Eunicida (Polychaeta) & phylogenetic implications: Amount of prostomial appendages does not influence brain complexity. Master’s thesis, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany.

Bachelor's thesis

Kuhl, S. (2014). Nachbeschreibung, Barcoding und Populationsstruktur von Ramphogordius sanguineus (Rathke, 1799) (Heteronemertea, Nemertea). Bachelor’s thesis, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany.



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