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Christina Sagorny

PhD student

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Research focus

In my PhD thesis supervised by Dr. Jörn von Döhren, I will focus on taxonomy and systematics of Nemertea (ribbon worms) in Europe based on genetic data. Nemertea are unsegmented, mostly marine, vermiform animals of which approximately 1,300 species have been described so far. Morphologically differentiating between species is difficult in this group because only few external morphological characters are present. Because of this, I focus on molecular species delimitation methods (phylogenetic analyses, non-tree based, and tree-based delimitation methods) in order to discover cryptic species and help unravel nemertean phylogeny. Moreover, I want to study population structure and population dynamics of European nemerteans to understand variation within and between populations.



Sagorny, C., Wesseler, C., Krämer, D. & von Döhren, J. (2019) Assessing the diversity and distribution of Cephalothrix species (Nemertea: Palaeonemertea) in European waters by comparing different species delimitation methods. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 57, 485-735.


Master's thesis

Sagorny, C. (2017) Cephalopods of the R/V SONNE expedition SO-249 BERING - Species descriptions of cirrate and incirrate octopods based on non-invasive imaging techniques.

Bachelor's thesis

Sagorny, C. (2014) Nachbeschreibung und Barcoding von Lineus bilineatus (Renier, 1804) (Heteronemertea, Nemertea).




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