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 (* = equal contribution or shared senior authorship; Names of group members in bold)


  • Blanke, A. IN PREP. The evolution of dragonfly wing shape. 
  • Rühr, P. T., Edel, C., Frenzel, M., Blanke, A. IN PREP. The macro-evolution of insect biting. 
  • Rühr, P. T., Edel, C., Frenzel, M., Blanke, A.IN REVIEW. forceX and forceR: a mobile setup and R package to measure and analyse a wide range of animal closing forces. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Dinges, G., Bockemühl, T., Iacovello, F., Shearing, P., Büschges, A., Blanke, A. ACCEPTED. Ultra high-resolution biomechanics suggest that microstructures within insect mechanosensors decisively affect their sensitivity. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 
  • Wanieck K., Hamann L., Bartz M., Uttich E., Hollermann M., Drack M., Beismann H. 2022. Biomimetics Linked to Classical Product Development: An Interdisciplinary Endeavor to Develop a Technical Standard. Biomimetics. 7:36.
  • Moritz, L., Borisova, E., Hammel, J. U., *Blanke, A., *Wesener, T. 2022. A previously unknown feeding mode in millipedes and the convergence of fluid feeding across arthropods. Science Advances 8 (7): eabm0577 
  • Hamann, L., Blanke, A. 2022. Suspension Feeders - Diversity, Principles of Particle Separation, and Biomimetic Potential. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19 (186): 20210741
  • Chen, L., Gu, J.-J., Yang, Q., Ren, D., *Blanke, A., *Béthoux, O. 2021. Ovipositor and mouthparts in a fossil insect support a novel ecological role for early orthopterans in 300 million years old forests. eLife 10: e71006 .
  • Rühr, P. T., van de Kamp, T., Faragó, T., Hammel, J. U., Wilde, F., Borisova, E., Edel, C., Frenzel, M., Baumbach, T., Blanke, A. 2021. Juvenile ecology drives adult morphology in two insect orders. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 288(1953):20210616.
  • Strauß, J., Moritz, L., & Rühr, P. T. 2021. The Subgenual Organ Complex in Stick Insects: Functional Morphology and Mechanical Coupling of a Complex Mechanosensory Organ. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9:632493.
  • Liessem S., Kowatschew D., Dippel S., Blanke A., Korsching S., Guschlbauer C., Hooper S.L., Predel R., Büschges A. 2021. Neuromodulation can be simple: myoinhibitory peptide, contained in dedicated regulatory pathways, is the only neurally-mediated peptide modulator of stick insect leg muscle. Journal of Neuroscience:JN-RM-0188-20.
  • Szucsich, N. U., Bartel, D., Blanke, A., Böhm, A., Donath, A., Fukui, M., Grove, S., Liu, S., Macek, O., Machida, R., Misof, B., Nakagaki, Y., Podsiadlowski, L., Sekiya, K., Tomizuka, S., von Reumont, B., Waterhouse, R., Walzl, M., Meng, G., Zhou, X., Pass, G., Meusemann K. 2020. Four myriapod relatives – but who are sisters? No end to debates  on relationships among the four major myriapod subgroups. Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution. Provisionally accepted.
  • Peeters, A., Keller, R. A., Khalife, A., Fischer, G., Blanke, A., Economo, E. P. 2020. The evolutionary loss of flight enabled the remarkable strength of ant workers. Frontiers in Zoology 17: 33.

  • Dinges G.F., Chockley A.S., Bockemühl T., Ito K., Blanke A., Büschges A. 2020. Location and arrangement of campaniform sensilla in Drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Comparative Neurology.

  • Moritz, L., Blanke, A., Hammel, J., Wesener, T. 2020. Comparative morphology of the head of the Platydesmida (Diplopoda: Colobognatha) with an overview of the terminology for the millipede head from the English, German and Italian literature. Submitted.

  • Schucht, P. J., Rühr, P. T., Geier, B., Glaw, F., & Lambertz, M. (2020) Armored with skin and bone: A combined histological and μCT-study of the exceptional integument of the Antsingy leaf chameleon Brookesia perarmata (Angel, 1933). Journal of Morphology 281:754–764.

  • Blanke, A. 2020. Phylogenie, Biomechanik und Disparität - Auf dem Weg zu einem quantitativen Verständnis makroevolutiver Trends in der Konstruktionsmorphologie von Insekten. In: Werneburg I., Betz O. (2020). Phylogenie, Funktionsmorphologie und Bionik. Schriften zum 60. Phylogenetischen Symposium in Tübingen. Scidinge Hall Publishing. Tübingen, 332 pages. ISBN: 978-3-947020-10-2.

  • Blanke, A. 2019. The early evolution of biting-chewing performance in Hexapoda. In: Insect mouthparts – Form, function, development and performance. In: Krenn H.W. (Ed.). 2019. Insect Mouthparts: Form, Function, Development and Performance. Springer International Publishing. 683 pages. ISBN 978-3-030-29654-4.

  • Stritih Peljhan, N., Rühr, P.T., Buh, B., Strauß, J. (2019). Low-frequency vibration transmission and mechanosensory detection in the legs of cave crickets. Journal: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 233: 89-96. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2019.04.003

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  • Yoshizawa K., Kamimura Y., Lienhard C., Ferreira R.L., Blanke A. 2018. A biological switching valve evolved in the female of a sex-role reversed cave insect to receive multiple seminal packages. eLife. 7:e39563.

  • Blanke, A. 2018. Analysis of modularity and integration suggests evolution of dragonfly wing venation mainly in response to functional demands. Journal of The Royal Society Interface.

  • Simon, S., Blanke, A., Meusemann, K. 2018. Reviewing and reanalyzing the Palaeoptera problem – the origin of insect flight remains obscure. Arthropod Structure and Development.<wbr />2018.05.002

  • Blanke, A., Pinheiro, M., Watson, P. J., Fagan, M. J. 2018. A biomechanical analysis of prognathous and orthognathous insect head capsules: evidence for a many‐to‐one mapping of form to function. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31: 665-674 DOI:<wbr />13251.

  • Drukewitz, S. H., Fuhrmann, N., Undheim, E. A. B., Blanke, A., Giribaldi, J., Mary, R., Laconde, G., Dutertre, S., von Reumont, B. M. 2018. A dipteran’s novel sucker punch: Evolution of arthropod atypical venom with a neurotoxic component in robber flies (Asilidae, Diptera). Toxins.

Before 2018
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