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Dipl.-Biol. Björn Müller

PhD student

Research interest

In June 2010 I started my diploma thesis at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. My research interests concern relatedness in groups (sounders) of wild boar, Sus scrofa L.. I will specifically focus on the question whether there are male wild boars that dominate one or more females within a sounder. Furthermore, I am interested in the relationships among adult and fertile female wild boars of a sounder. Finally, I want to find out whether a farrow consists of full or half siblings. I use molecular markers i.e. microsatellites to genotype a wild boar population in Rhineland Palatinate. The study is supervised by Dr. Jörg Brün.

Diploma Theses

  • Müller, B. (2011). Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse in der Jagdstrecke von Wildschweinen, Sus scrofa. MSc-thesis, University of Bonn, Germany.