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Staff / post-doc Position (m/f/d)

Research at the Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (IEZ) aims to increase our understanding of evolutionary processes in animals, with the workgroup of Prof. Blanke focusing on form-function relationships in animals with different feeding modes. The workgroup Blanke would like to strengthen its team with a highly motivated applicant, ideally with a background in evolutionary morphology, biomechanics and/or imaging and with a doctoral degree either in the Biological Sciences, Engineering Sciences, or Computer Sciences.

Being a scientific staff position, the applicant principally can develop his own research initiative. Therefore, a particular emphasis will be placed on the applicants’ own ideas during the application process and how these can be studied (Ideally using a combination of both the applicants’ expertise and the expertise of the workgroup).

Applicants who are experts for other organisms besides insects should consider to apply since our approach includes comparative aspects on several taxonomic levels. We also welcome applications with a focus on methodological development in the fields of e.g. evolutionary modelling, geometric morphometrics, image analysis, biomechanics, or material testing of biological samples.

The position includes a teaching obligation of four semester hours (“Semesterwochenstunden”). Due to the teaching obligation, in particular within the Bachelor degrees in Biology, it is expected from non-native German speaking applicants that they learn German up to the B2/C1 level within one year.

The position is paid according to the provisions of the collective agreement for the public service of the Länder (TV-L) within pay group 13 (100%). Experience levels are taken into account. Initially, the duration of the contract is 24 months if the requirements stated above are met. After a successful evaluation, the duration of the contract can be extended for another 24 up to 48 months.

Apart from a full CV (Without photograph and without date of birth; Including own publications and contact details of 2 referees), applications should contain a letter of motivation detailing your previous research experience and an outline of your research plans for this position. Please also state up to three publications from other workgroups which have considerably influenced your scientific thinking. While detailing your future research, please take into account that you can plan with a considerable research budget. Details will be communicated upon request, inquiries can be made with Alexander Blanke ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).

The application (as a single pdf file) should be sent to the secretary of the IEZ ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) with the reference number 1848. The deadline for application is October 31st 2021, the estimated start date would be January 2022. If no suitable candidate is found, the position is open beyond these dates. We regret that the state of North Rhine-Westphalia cannot cover application and travel costs.

Equal opportunities are important to us. The University of Bonn is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. It is certified as a family-friendly university and aims to increase the proportion of women employed in areas where women are under-represented and to promote their careers. To that end, it urges women with relevant qualifications to apply. Applications will be handled in accordance with the Landesgleichstellungsgesetz (State Equality Act). Applications from suitable candidates with a certified disability or equivalent status are particularly welcome.

We look forward to reading your application!

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