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Dagmar Wenzel

dagmar.jpg Dagmar Wenzel

Technical assistent, Webmaster

Phone:    +49 228 73 51 21
Fax:          +49 228 73 51 29

From 2007 til 2017 I worked in this institute for Prof. Bakker.

On one hand I managed the molecular laboratory. We did sexing with Gasterosteus aculeatus and worked with microsatellites in population genetics of Pelvicachromis taeniatus.

On the other hand I worked with the Scanning electron microscope (SEM). Mostly we were scanning sperms of Gasterosteus aculeatus and  Pelvicachromis taeniatus.

I learned technical assistent and studied biology at the university of Bonn, which I finished with a diploma.

After Prof. Bakker retired in July 2017, I am working for Prof. Bartolomaeus.

Furthermore my main working areas are the molecular laboratory and the Scanning electron microskope (SEM).